Budget Date Night: 5 Money Saving Tips

Living on a budget does not imply that you and your significant other shouldn’t go on dates. The reality is that there are several ways you can enhance your relationship by spending time together without having to break the bank. Consider these options:

1. Go out on a weekday night

Most couples prefer to go out on weekends. Why not go on a date on a weekday? That way, you get to spend less while having a romantic dinner. Most restaurants have dinning deals during slower times. Movie theaters give discounts early in the week.

2. Order carefully

You will be surprised at how much you will save when you watch what you order. Skip alcohol while dining, as it is quite costly in restaurants. Consider sharing the main dish too. After all, restaurant portions are usually super sized so you will be satisfied anyway. Why not plan an at-home date night? a special night does not always have to be a night out. The trick is to ensure that the at-home date feels special, so try a new restaurant.

3. Find discounts on social media

Like or follow movie theaters, restaurants and other joints on social media. That way, you will easily get coupons and exclusive deals that you can use for your next date. Just make sure you check their pages often to know the ongoing deals.

4. Volunteer together

You and your date can form a stronger bond with the community while saving money by organizing a volunteering date. Consider volunteering as a staff member of a charity event. You can also serve meals at a homeless shelter or participate in other causes that interest you.

5. Get active

Consider planning an outdoor activity like a picnic, hike or a bike ride. You can make stops at museums, art galleries and coffee shops. There are many apps you can use to find interesting routes. Dates do not have to happen at night or cost you a lot of money!